Art Meets Energy chakra studies and creative expression

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Art Meets Energy chakra studies and creative expression

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Art Meets Energy chakra studies and creative expression

with Adele and Liz


A 9 week course in Art and Chakra energy!

Simple tools to connect with your inner world through a meditative art practice.

The purpose of this class is to learn about your chakra system while also learning several artful mediums.

NO experience needed.

There is a LOT of universal information about chakras out there while yours is unique and specific to you. In this form of self-care you will learn to open to what they have to teach you and learn to nourish them. This is an energetic pathway to learning.

In Yoga the mind is in our whole body. The chakras are energy centers in the body, places of intelligence and creativity. This ancient system provides a map that is shared by all and yet personal to each of us. The goal of this class is to delve into this material through reading, journaling and art projects.

The class will combine presentations, meditations and hands on art projects. At the end of the class each student is given the facility to bind their projects into a hand made book.

Provided: Class materials, and text book, Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith.

Cost $250

Time Wed 6:30 -9:00

March 21 – May 16.




EVEN MORE information :)

Each week will meet at the Adele's art studio in Rainier Beach neighborhood near Pritchard Beach Park. We begin with a short meditation to get centered and open to crafting and learning together. One chakra of the 7 major chakras will be explored each class, you'll have read the chapter before class. We talk about how energy in this chakra works and you will tap into you own to see how it is put together and how it works and flows.


After we review and look at the chakra information we will demonstrate an example of the art project. We plan to explore with charcoal, rubbings, pen and ink, collage and more. Keeping the materials simple and our minds open to creative interpretation we can each complete our project within the class time. Of course you can always bring your work home and continue working if you wish. Each of you will have a bin here at the studio to store your work until we bind them into your handmade journal in the final class.


If this is peaking an interest in you, listen to you heart! There is so much more here than just an art class, its a gift to yourself and your whole system. There will be an element of surrender and trust while you dive in and let go of outcomes. Join us!


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What you Might get out of taking this class with us..

-a book full of hand made art by YOU

-a deeper understanding of the chakras in your body

-experience in 8 modalities of art making

-creative confidence!

-deep healing and releasing of blocked energy

-soul wisdom and a conversation within

-new friends!

-a new pathway to personal freedom

-clarity, happiness even :)