Hello dear mystic, 

This is for you, for you are a bright and shining being. An Earth being to be exact, an Earthling. As Earthlings we need to connect to our natural environment and all the elements it has to offer. These elements are nourishment for our mind, for our body and for our spirit. Using the Earth elements with meditation helps to clear all this man-made energy out of our system. The chaos, the electricity, the drama, the corruption can all be processed out of us, our bodies, our minds, our auras with some simple clearing techniques and meditations. 

Earth energy grounds us. Cosmic energy elevates us. Fire clears us. Water cleanses us. Wind allows us to breath with freshness. 

When we get clear, we have... ta-da Clarity! With a clear mind and a system running with cleansed energy that is natural to our human bodies -we have the freedom, the liberation to achieve Being Ourselves, in our best form. You can feel like yourself again, with love and grace, with forgiveness and compassion, you can begin to unravel time to your original state of happiness. 

Enjoy. Relax. ....Release.