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Welcome!  I'm so excited you are interested in essential oils.

I first became interested in using essential oils several years ago to imbue my bath with lavender.  It wasn't long after that I realized I could make my own mixtures combining the effects.  I created spray bottles for the car, the bathroom, the bedroom, and the kitchen.  I also love to diffuse the oils especially to relax or to invigorate.    Then I learned about massage oils, tinctures, necklaces, and even capsules for ingesting oils!

I also use oils for energetic healing.  Each of our chakras (click here to learn about chakras) vibrate at a specific frequency and they allow our spirit and physical bodies to maintain itself, communicate and heal.


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I have learned that each chakra can get blocked, holding energy that is foreign or requiring our attention.  There are many ways to clear energy from our chakras.  The most common is an energetic healing in which we move energy up and out the top or down the bottom of our physical space.  When we ground our energetic space we become clear and open to live in a present moment and allow our greater purpose to serve us.

Other ways to clear our energetic space is through music and sound as well as Oils.

It is important to note that each of us are different beings.  

I am so excited to begin this adventure with you.  I choose Young Living oils, mainly because I appreciate their dedication to purity.  They have farms all over the world and they plant the seed, harvest, distill and package the oils themselves.  Their motto is "Seed to Seal".

When you are ready to get started click on the link below and get yourself the Premium Starter Kit.  It is the greatest way to get a bunch of oils at a huge discount.  If you have any questions please feel free to email.