What's the big deal about Cacao?

What’s the big deal about Cacao?


Its not that cacao magically became spirituality’s gateway over night, (its held that seat for centuries) it’s not that it in itself will turn you into Oneness. Its chocolate, just like it has always been.


So what’s been the general street knowledge of chocolate all this time? Well, it’s delicious, versatile, “addictive”, a gift exchanged between lovers, an antidepressant, basically worshipped.


Cacao is chocolate. Cacao is the bean from the pod from the plant from the forest from the lands of indigenous cultures of tropical zones around the world. It grows on trees.


Cacao is food. And so much more than food! It is super food.


I am not interested in looking up and spewing out a bunch of data describing to you the composition of cacao, yet know this, its high in so many essential minerals and vitamins. Eating it gives your body a rush of endorphins and a blast of magnesium.


When you consume cacao in a spiritual setting, and are open to a spiritual experience, the effects will be astounding! Cacao has the potential to open your heart space both energetically (chakra) and physically. Your heart will beat faster, your circulation will increase and your blood pressure will actually reduce. A relaxed high.


Just like any food that is grown and tended to with care, the cacao I use is so very lovely. It is primarily used for ceremony. It has never been overly heated or processed. The cacao is harvested and fermented for 7ish days then packed into 1 lb bars.


The cacao comes from the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala, chosen by “The Chocolate Shaman” Keith Wilson, a spiritual epicenter of high healing vibration. These same forests or orchards have been producing cacao for centuries, supplying Mayans and locals with the chocolate of the gods for ceremonies, food and healings.



What happens when you’re in a spiritual setting drinking a cacao elixir is an individual experience. The potential for breakthroughs, breakdowns, contraction and expansion is in the heart of each person. The potential to find your center, relax your nervous system, drop the drama, release the anxiety and embrace a trueness inside you that is your capacity for love is very strong. Acceptance, of self and environment, leads to peace within. The lasting effects vary.


Even if only for a few hours, days or weeks, this is medicine darling.


With the current state of our world, from many aspects we can choose to view it, we need this, this medicine of healing, meditation and transcendence. We need to relax. We need to go inward. We need to connect. Down and in.


This is cacao. This is good for us. What is good for us, is good for everything around us. The ripple effect, the radiating vibration you can carry with you from a ceremonial and meditative experience will help the world.


It won’t change you more than you want. Remember, its just chocolate. What it will do, if you let it, is liberate you. Free you from your monkey mind and shackled heart.


Dare to have a sip?


With love….



Is Gluten Free Really Better For You?

Is Gluten Free really better for you?

It was roughly ten years ago when I reluctantly stopped eating bread. Not only did I stop eating bread but also pasta, crackers, bagels, cake, pie, candy, soy sauce, salad dressing, canned soups, marinating sauces, basically all processed food and most traditional American food (all of which have gluten).  I mean, really, it seemed like I had to stop eating EVERYTHING. It felt as if I was losing the greatest love of my life.

I had some really good reasons. Although I was average weight with clear skin my cholesterol was running high, I had daily acid reflux, my allergies were causing me sleep apnea and I had the appearance of being about 5 months pregnant (bloated belly). I was frequently visiting the bathroom with IBS symptoms and I wasn’t ovulating. I had a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Syndrome X.

I was suffering from anxiety due to this constant lump in my throat and had trouble swallowing. Also I had revolving depression. I remember days where I could feel the life draining out of me.  Literally draining away.

If those weren’t reason enough my husband and I decided we would like to have a baby, but without ovulation our chances didn’t exist. On average I was ovulating one time per year from 13 years old to 30.

I improved my entire biological system by changing to a gluten free diet. No prescription drugs whatsoever.

Every one of these symptoms have cleared up significantly.  Within a few months of sustaining my gluten free meals my ovulation regulated. My skin cleared up, no more hives! My mood improved.  I also joined a gym and began taking yoga classes. With my system more balanced, exercise began to feel empowering and not draining. I have had regular menstrual cycles for over a decade now.

Changing your diet will change your life, guaranteed. Gluten is damaging your digestive track and impairs your ability to absorb nutrients. I have to say, I am not a doctor, but it’s pretty common knowledge that wheat flour in this country holds very little nutritional value. So, remove that obstacle, and your body will begin to repair itself. High sugar foods of any type will hinder your healing efforts. That is why it is suggested to remove “white starchy” food altogether.

…but there’s more to it than simply replacing wheat with rice.

Here’s the deal - sometimes the research follows the results. There may not be a lot of proven empirical data out there studying gluten free diets, but there are loads of personal accounts. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Try it out, check in with your health care professional and get some tested results; then, make the choice that is right for your body. Every body is different.

Here are 5 reasons to eat a Gluten Free diet

  1. Softer Skin (check out this thread on Celiac.com)

  2. Reduce cholesterol

  3. Hormonal Balance

  4. Weight Loss- lowering your blood glucose levels will lower your body weight.

  5. Healthy Gut- your body will begin to absorb more nutrients allowing you to have fewer cravings and ultimately eat way less

  6. BONUS REASON …. Happiness!


There is only one way to comfortably get through a gluten free trial diet.


The reason it is hard to transition to a gluten free diet is the loss of love we all have, the love for our favorite flavors, textures and temperatures in food.

Here are a few suggested “substitutes” for your gluten free stint that will certainly help with the lost love of your favorite staples.

Lentil pasta

Sweet potatoes

Black beans

Spiralized zucchini or carrot

Kale chips

Paleo Wraps

Raw cashews

Pancake mix

These foods won’t add to your waistline like gluten or starchy foods, plus they taste amazing!  I suggest bulking up your plate with some of these tasty options.

Use flavor to boost all of your food. If you love hot sauce, pile on the hot sauce. Otherwise layer on the herbs and spices thicker than ever! Layer on the colors too, red pepper, green onions, sundried tomatoes, black olives, orange slices. Being on a gluten free diet; sure, takes one out of their comfort food zone, but I have discovered new love affairs with things like capers and currants that I would have only tasted rarely before.





Journey within Cacao

Journey within Cacao

What will happen during the Journey....

In this journey, we are inviting you to partner with the spirit of the sacred cacao.  We will delve deeply into your inner temple, open the power of intention, and experience a sacred circling tool...a tool for bringing the sacred to the circles in your life.... that you can utilize to connect in a deeper, more authentic way with yourself and the world. This meditation tool will help each person bring their intentions, their inner work,  personal creativity, and relationships to a peak.

As you enter the space of the playshop, you will be entering a sensual world of the temple. This journey will begin as you walk through the door to the space. We will welcome you with smells, the tastes, and the sounds of a safe, magical haven for each of you. Welcome to our chocolate sanctuary for the soul! 

We will begin by having a ceremony to explore the benefits of this cacao from a physical perspective to a spiritual perspective. We will explore each individual's intention for being here.  Then we will take you into your own personal Temple and explore it in ways that will help you understand more about who you are, what you desire, and what is asking for your attention (what wants to transform?). 

We believe you will walk away knowing yourself a bit better, having practical tools to enrich your life and your connection with those you share it will, and ultimately feeling like you have treated yourself to an experience with the sacred that you may call on again and again.

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